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Treatment Options
at Comiston

General dentistry – Cosmetic dental treatments

We offer a number of treatments to suit your needs

Whether you are looking for general dentistry, reparative treatment, or cosmetic enhancements to your smile, Comiston Dental is dedicated to helping you

Invisalign Orthodontics in Edinburgh

Invisalign Go and Go Plus are innovative teeth straightening systems, offering clear aligners tailored for minor to moderate dental misalignments, enhancing smiles discreetly and effectively.

Teeth Straightening

Straighten your teeth with various orthodontic methods

Dental Implants

Replace your teeth and restore your smile with a permanent solution

Teeth Whitening

Transform your smile with safe GDC approved treatment

Routine Examination

Regular check ups help keep your teeth and gums in good health

Scale and Polish

Prevent plaque build up to ensure good oral health and a great smile

crowns and bridges comiston

Crowns and Bridges

Repair and restore your teeth to their natural form and colour

Emergency Dental Care

We provide emergency dental care from Monday to Friday at our dental practice in Edinburgh. You don’t have to be a registered patient to book an emergency dental appointment.

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